My name is Lesley and I'm from London. 

A little about this blog...
Originally a hair journal, this blog is now an indulgent mix of beauty and fashion chatter.
My style? Simple and chilled. My hair? Newly natural. My approach to beauty? Feminine and classic.



What is your ethnicity? 
I am mixed race. My mother is Nigerian and my father is English.
I'm often told that my ethnicity is the reason I was able to 'grow' long hair. These pictures show that I used to have short, damaged hair which was down to not caring for my hair properly, not genes.


Most questions I get about my hair are answered here.

How did you get your hair to grow?
Hair grows on it's own - so I didn't do anything here! I started caring for my hair, especially the ends so I ensured I retained length.

How did you style your relaxed hair when it was short?
I mostly tied it back or used hair clips, keeping the ends tucked away. I have a post on how I styled my short relaxed hair here.

What do you do to your hair?
A combination of things, see my Hair Regimen for details.

What hair products do you use? Which ones helped your hair grow?
I am a product junkie, so I've tried a lot of products. Products don't make your hair grow or give you length. It's all about how you use them and finding what works for your hair.

What does your natural hair texture look like? 
It's hard for me to tell. My hair looks mostly 3c to me, but some areas look looser. 

Why did you transition to natural? 
I originally transitioned to texlaxed from relaxed hair. My texlaxed hair looked very similar to my natural hair as I only left the relaxer on for a short period of time to loosen rather than straighten my hair. I also reduced my use of relaxers in general to once a year and it got to a point where I had more natural hair than texlaxed hair so I decided to cut off all of my ends.  

Do you dye your hair?
I dye my hair with henna which warms up my natural colour and gives it a red hue. It's not always noticeable unless I'm in direct sunlight which is why the colour of my hair can look different in photos. Have a question about henna? See this post.


What foundation do you use? 
I'm currently using NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Barcelona. I've previously used MAC foundations in NC42 or NC44 in summer and NC40 in winter.

What's your everyday makeup routine? 
I wear makeup most days and I have a video on my everyday makeup look here.

What's your skincare routine? 
I try to keep my skincare routine as simple as possible. As with my haircare routine, the products I use change regularly, but the technique remains the same. My last post on my skincare routine is detailed here.


What does the name of your blog mean?
I started a 'hair journey' in August 2010, deciding to take care of my hair properly. Eventually I decided to blog about my hair journey and haircare in general, so this shaped my blog name.

Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog after graduating. Studying for an undergraduate degree took up so much of my time  and honestly it felt so strange when it was over and I finally had a degree. Blogging became a way of me continuing to learn and grow by stepping into something I knew very little about. 

Who takes your blog photos?
I take most of the photos on this blog myself. I rope in my boyfriend or friends to help with outfit photos if possible when I'm out and about.
Any photos which have been provided by PR companies or photographers have been used with written permission.

What camera do you use? 
Since July 2014 all photos have been taken with a Canon 700D. Prior to this I used a Canon DSLR 1100D.

What lens do you use with your DSLR? 
I mostly use the Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM or the Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II Lens.

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