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Monday, 3 August 2015

My hair has been looking a little dull recently so I was quite excited to try two products from the ORS Shealicious range - the Shine Booster Conditioning Cocktail (£4.99)* and the Cleansing Balm Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo (£4.99/236ml)*. The shampoo is very creamy and rich and the conditioner resembles a yoghurt pot (muller corner anyone?) Both feature very bright and colourful packaging and smell deliciously fruity.

I used both of these products yesterday, starting with the Cleansing Balm. The instructions advise shampooing twice, leaving the balm on the hair for 2-3 minutes on the second application. The shampoo left my hair feeling very soft and not as stripped as I'm used to with some of my other cleansing products. I then moved onto the Conditioning Cocktail which is separated into two parts, one half containing the conditioner and the other the oils.

The oils are poured into the conditioner and mixed together to create the cocktail. The conditioner is made with Shea Butter giving it a good thick consistency. The oil mix contains Amla, Argan, Sunflower and Sesame Oils. Whilst there's plenty of oil included, there's not much conditioner. The conditioner tub is only about half full but there's enough room, even with the oil mixed in, for the tub to be 3 quarters full. The product also doesn't come with something to mix the conditioner and oil together.

You can use this product as a co-wash or deep conditioner but I wanted to get the most of out this so I opted for the latter. I smoothed the mixed conditioner onto wet hair and applied a plastic cap for 15 minutes.

The pot only contains enough for one application and if your hair is longer or thicker than mine you'll probably need another pot. I like to apply my conditioner generously and this only just about covered all of my hair (which is the shortest it's been for a year, see here).

Despite limited product my hair felt so good after rinsing - it was so smooth and soft. I'd definitely use this product again though it would be much better if this came in bottles rather than for single use. I like to deep condition my hair every wash so if I started using this all the time I'd have to buy a pot every week! I might buy a couple of pots and keep them on hand for when I feel like mixing it up (no pun intended).

I've already seen this product pop up in my local Boots and it will also be available in Tesco from September.

*sample - read my disclaimer here.

What conditioners do you like to use?

Lesley x


  1. The product really does sound nice and like something I would love to try. The conditioner does not seem like real value for money, maybe it will be useful as a deep conditioning travel product.

    1. It is a shame it's only for one application but I really loved the results x

  2. I really hope I can find ORS in my local Tesco or even Boots - might be wishful thinking in-store but I know they are starting to stock more online.

    As soon as I saw the pots I thought Mullier corner lol I love the packaging it's different and I gives it a different edge but I could see why you'd prefer a bottle than a pot.

    I can't wait to go back darker to really condition my hair to the fullest. I find some products and oils change the blonde in my hair so I then have to correct the colour toning and *yawn* extra work lol xo

    1. I've been impressed actually with the amount of shops which are now stocking *some* products suitable for afro hair which previously didn't. ORS is one of the few brands that seems to be widely available strangely!
      It's really cute packaging but it is a shame about the actual size of the product inside.
      Ohhh how annoying! Dark hair sounds like less work haha x

  3. That's amazing! I love seeing the new products coming out that are obviously marketed towards multiple hair textures and are actually sold in places like Boots and Tesco. I'm trying out the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale line. The little 'yoghurt' pot is cute, but I assume they don't think you would use it very often.

    1. Thank you Lam! Me too, it's almost a surprise as it's so uncommon to see products for textured hair. I've not tried much of Dark & Lovely recently, but I used to love a few of their products years ago.
      The packaging is very cute and it's probably designed to be used every now and then but I'm used to deep conditioning every week! x

  4. This looks like a little gem. I'll look out for it in stores when i go to shop next. Thumbs up for a product that worked.

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