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Sunday, 16 February 2014

I bought Ben Nye Luxury Loose Powder in Banana (£7.50) back in July last year after reading a lot of reviews raving about how good this stuff is. I have to admit that when I first tried it I was left a little underwhelmed. I think I was expecting a lot more because I'd read so many good reviews. That said, the powder has been a staple in my daily makeup routine for the below reasons.

If you don't what it is already, it's a yellow coloured face powder. I've always preferred to use colour correcting products as a lot of drugstore makeup can leave my skin with a hideous pink cast. This powder sets my makeup perfectly for a matte finish and despite the colour it doesn't actually leave your skin looking yellow. The finish is translucent and brightens the skintone which makes it especially effective in the under eye area.

I bought the small size which is 1.5oz/42g and I can't believe how long this has lasted considering I've been using the product every day for 7 months! It's a cliche, as it's often said when describing beauty products, but a little really does go a long way. I only use a couple of swipes of the powder to rid my face of any oiliness.

Another positive about this product is it's actually not that expensive, given how long it lasts. I paid £7.50 from the Guru Makeup Emporium for the smaller size.

I have to admit this product can be hard to get hold of. I found it through a Google search and the first places I found didn't have the powder in stock. My first order of this from the Guru Makeup Emporium was cancelled as the product had gone out of stock and it wasn't available again until a month later.

The packaging can make the product a bit hard to use as it makes a lot of mess but I get around that by decanting some of the product into a smaller pot with a sifter which I can carry around in my makeup bag.

All in all this is a great product and when it does finally run out I would definitely buy it again.

Have you tried any Ben Nye products?

Lesley x


  1. I've had this for over a year but i'm still yet to try it properly. I used it once to set my highlighting and loved it though

  2. Had my eye on this for ages! Glad it worked for you.

  3. I've heard good reviews about it and want to invest in the Topaz one

  4. Hi Lesley. I really like your makeup looks as you know, but I especially like the one you are wearing in your current profile pic. Would you mind if we talk via email regarding my wedding makeup inquiries? I am getting married in late Summer and want to do my own makeup. Although I have a beauty blog too, I don't have much knowledge of highlighting, concealing, powders, foundations, base makeup in a nutshell. Help, please! lol :)

    1. Of course Meesha. I'm no expert at all but I'm happy to share any knowledge / makeup tips to help. Feel free to email me anytime


  5. Amazing blogg<3 I would be so happy if you could follow me back on GFC ღ Keep blogging! xxpeach

  6. Thank you all for commenting x

  7. These powders are definitely a little famous in youtube land. I didn't think they were this affordable. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Love Ben Nye products; it's affordable, and pretty good for the price. This powder is really popular, and I have it in 2 shades.

  9. Great review, I'm absolutely addicted to Banana Powder! xx x

  10. I've been considering getting this powder but like you said, it's hard to get a hold of it! And the ones that ARE available are over priced -_- but besides that your photography is A++ and you're beautiful too :) I know makeup artists would love to beat on your face :)


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